About Us

Who we are?

Premium Invests, with the most experienced and educated staff of the financial markets, combines customer satisfaction with its technological infrastructure, to serve as the industry leader, fully adopting corporate governance principles in global markets. Online ECN broker Premium Invests has been providing its clients with access to Tier 1 liquidity in foreign exchange, commodities and stock markets for years. All major currency pairs and cross rates, oil, precious metals, stock market indices, blue chips and the largest set of cryptocurrency pairs can be traded on Premium Invests.

Why Premium Invests?

Premium Invests is proud to serve all its investors quickly and safely with its trained and experienced expert staff, its infrastructure equipped with up-to-date technology and its customer-oriented boutique service approach.

We support our strong financial support with our young, dynamic and progressive perspective. We offer a unique investment experience to our investors by backing us.

  • Professional analytics
  • 24/7 withdrawal facility
  • 24/7 price flow
  • 24/7 Live support
  • Bonus on every Investment
  • Lot Refund
  • 700+ Investment vehicles
  • 70+ Payment method
  • Professional investment services
  • Competitive Spread/Swap rates
  • Calculation based on the Sell Price when depositing and the Buy price when withdrawing
  • Deposit / Withdrawal Possibility with Credit Card, Coins, Wire Transfer / Eft and many more methods
  • Swap and Swapless account types

We serve you with many more features.

Our Vision and Mission

Premium Invests is a high-tech, reliable ECN broker with a strong reputation. Our clients benefit from a secure and user-friendly online platform for high-speed trading in 35 global languages ​​and access many built-in tools for price chart analysis.

Trading with Premium Invests means: high performance platform, low floating spreads, no-request market execution, professional help and access to specialized analytical materials and signals.